The Airport of the Future

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The Airport of the Future

This paper will discuss changes to current security measures already in place at airports across the United States. Assuming there is a flexible budget plan, this paper will discuss some new security measures and/or upgrades to already existing security measures. Security measures include all aspects of airport operations from check-in, security screening, baggage handling, etc. This paper will also discuss the entire process of screening a passenger from arrival at the terminal until boarding the plane at the gate. A brief look at freight operations will also be included in this paper.

Keywords: screening, passenger(s), perimeter, terrorist(s)

Airports of the Future
Since the attacks of September 11, 2001 the United States went through many changes. The country quickly realized it was not as safe as it probably thought it was. In the minds of many, an attack on American soil was slim considering all the security and technology America has at its disposal. When people imagine an attack on America they assume something similar to attack of Pearl Harbor by Japan. The attacks of 9/11 were an unconventional method of operation by sophisticated terrorists that used commercial airplanes to strike massive infrastructures. Terrorists not only want to use methods that will cause a huge loss of life, but that will also cause wide spread panic subsequently affecting the national economy. Airports today need to be equipped with the proper security measures and technology to deter an attack like 9/11 from occurring again. New security measures need to be employed to existing airports and should also be implemented as a part of new plans in the development of future airports.

Upon airport arrival, passengers flood the terminals as they gather their bags and say goodbye to their loved ones. This can potentially become a perfect target for terrorists because of the amount of people congregated in one place at one time. The terminal is the heart of airport security, where special attention is placed on passengers at check-in. Terrorists begin their deceiving tactics at this point; doing everything in their power to get through the multiple layers of security from surveillance cameras (CCTV), ticket agents, security screening personnel, local law enforcement, etc. According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), “The terminal is often the area of the airport with the most security, safety, and operational requirements.” (TSA, 2011). In order to ensure that all security measures are operating adequately and security personnel are looking in the best interest of airport security, a search for good quality employees will be the key. Hiring Airport Employees

Airlines and sub-contracted companies are the core behind making sure that good quality employees are hired. It is critical to the security of airport operations that the proper personnel who will be trusted with access to secured areas of the airport are properly selected. Though airlines and sub-contracted companies are not part of the federal government, they need to adhere to a strict procedure in selecting future employees. This will ensure a set standard for an employee all across airport operations.

The federal government will be charged with the responsibility of screening passengers rather than private companies. In order to hire employees for a new airport, an adequate amount of time is needed in order to avoid potentially compromising the amount of good quality employees. According to a (2002) article in USA Today the federal government experienced a difficult time hiring the amount of screeners it had planned. This issue was due to many unqualified applicants of whom 61% could not pass an English proficiency and aptitude test (USA Today, 2002). During this hiring process the issue was that the federal government was...
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