The Affects of Substance Abuse on Family

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  • Published : February 18, 2011
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The effects of drug abuse on a person’s family.
Nancy Kiger
SPC1010 - Presentation Skills - OL08
Theresa White

The effects of drug abuse on a person’s family. As a recovering addict I know firsthand how my addiction affected my family. Addiction to alcohol or drugs is a disease; it affects everyone in the family, not just the substance abuser. Effects may vary depending on family structure, manifesting differently in individual family members; According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse both alcohol and drugs can have dramatic negative effects on a developing fetus. They have been linked with premature birth, decreased head circumference, brain functioning difficulties and low birth weight, Even if no harmful effects are immediately noticed at a baby's birth, children who were directly exposed to alcohol and some drugs may eventually exhibit problems such as increased irritability, and behavioral problems. I have a son who developed a brain tumor called “Pleomorphic Xanthroastrocytoma”, his doctor is unsure if it was caused by my drug use as it is a very rare tumor. Indiana State University kept the tumor to study it and those studies are ongoing. It is very possible that my drug use before and during pregnancy caused this tumor. Parental substance abuse increases a child's chance of having emotional problems such as depression, anxiety and psychiatric disorders, both of my boys suffer from ADHD as well as other emotional disorders. My oldest son worked really hard to overcome these issues and excelled in sports and has graduated high school. He is 19 and we are working on developing a relationship. My middle son has multiple behavioral problems that stemmed from his feelings of abandonment and neglect. He is now 17 and I realize that his behaviors now, are chosen behaviors and have nothing to do with my drug addiction but they began as a result of them. He has been seen by many psychologists and...
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