The Affect of Sacred Music on Secular Music

Topics: Soul music, Gospel music, Religious music Pages: 2 (875 words) Published: April 26, 2012
“Swing Low Sweet Chariot” has been said to be a favorite song of secular music star Beyonce. To some this may come as an incredibly shocking revelation as Ms. Knowles lyrics and public antics often are seen as everything but the acts of a true Christian woman. It is also a known fact that the things one partakes in during their youth greatly shapes the rest of their lives. Beyonce growing up in the church is reflected to the public by one of her favorite songs being a classic gospel song. “When you grow up in such a positive place, you are sure to have many great memories stemming from that place. That place just happens to be my home church back in Texas.” The sixteen time Grammy winner is not such a stand out when it comes to getting her start in the church as many and most secular music stars of today have actually gotten their start in the same place. With such enormous volumes of secular singers receiving their start in sacred music then it should come as no surprise that the church has played an incredible part in secular music world. The "Gospel music is coming to the mainstream," says gospel diva Yolanda Adams. "Singers are coming out of the church and introducing the gospel style to a mainstream audience." Adams herself expanded gospel's exposure when she appeared twice on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Meanwhile, television producer Bobby Jones reaches four and a half million viewers each week with his BET program "Gospel Explosion" and believes that while the gospel audience is expanding, "We must honor our pioneers and at the same time greet the best of the new with praise." The "our" in this instance translates as black singers. To Jones, "gospel music is black music." To others, it is merely a term that encompasses various kinds of religious music--traditional, contemporary Christian, urban contemporary, Southern, hip-hop. Rev. Jones is correct in the sense that all major secular acts began in the church. Essentially this would be stating that...
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