The Advantages and Disadvantages of Coffe

Topics: Sugar, Carbohydrate, Metabolism Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: May 25, 2011
What are the advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee? Advantages:

• Coffee is actually one of the healthiest beverages billions of people consume regularly. • Coffee containing with bitter orange, hydroxycitric acid, and chromium can encourage an increase up to 30% in metabolic rate. • Coffee with exercise when taking 300mg averages a 20% increase in energy and fatigue while burning fat increased 107% greater than without caffeine. • Caffeine in coffee keeps our brains alert and receptive of new information. • Regular consumption of coffee decreases the risk of type II diabetes and many other health risks.


• Coffee when consumed in excess can be addictive, stimulate, and a mood charger. • A large amount of coffee or caffeine consumed all at once can have a negative affect on blood sugar levels that influences fat burning that could change into storing fat. • Too much coffee over time can stain your teeth.

With so many benefits of coffee for health and weight loss it is hard to be worried about the few disadvantages when moderation can solve it all.

Step 1 – Coffee Clean Up

Coffee when consumed straight and by itself it perfect. Having zero calories, zero carbs, and zero fats one can see that it would not hinder weight loss. When adding all that extra sugars, sweeteners, syrups, alcohol and so on just make it a high calorie dessert.

Sticking with regular or straight shots of coffee with limiting extras like milk and sweeteners is necessary for achieving healthy living and weight loss.

Step 2 - Coffee in Moderation

Too much coffee at one time can affect blood sugar levels so the easy fix is reducing your in take at one time. Spacing out your coffee in take throughout the day would be something to consider and would benefit as an appetite suppressant while reducing chances of increasing blood sugar. Reducing your coffee in take might be a struggle and can possibly cause headaches and constipation but in the end is...
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