Topics: Margaret Thatcher, Conservative Party, Falklands War Pages: 5 (2147 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Margaret Thatcher Britain’s first ever-female prime minster had a political career that spanned over 3 decades and bring in a new type of politics Thatcherism to the table. Being a very controversial woman she still splits option to this very day. But what has to be said, is that the Falkland’s war was the turning point in Margaret Thatcher 's career and they way the future of Britain turned out. The Falklands crises was when the name Iron Lady was adopted. But how could a woman go from been the most hated prime minster to one of the most loved over night. The outbreak of the Falklands war happened on April 1982 and has been said to have saved Margaret Thatcher's first term. British forces responded in mid-June to the Falkland’s when Argentina invaded the small collections of British islands. When the military finally took power back, Margret Thatcher was glorified for it.

Before I start talking about the impact of the Falklands we need to asses how Britain and its people were doing before the crisis, and what it was like before Margaret Thatcher took too office. During the 1960 and 1960s Britain was see to be in economic recline and so many plans were used to try and kick start the economy and bring down inflation, both political parties thought there way out of this would be changing incomes policies even trying to organise a minimum wage keeping public sector workers at 5%, was disused to the unions but this was not going to happen and with divesting effect this happened in both 1974 and also 1979 another idea was to import extra items in to the United kingdom but instead of helping inflation it hindered it and made it worse this was depressing times for Britain. In 1976 it led to the international money funds, which tried to stop the country into recession. If problems could not get worse, Jim Callahan the prime minster at the time tried to make out everything was ok by telling the nation that there was no crisis. But in the winter of 1979, came the so called “ winter of discontent” when the unions decide to strike, this led to the 3 day week and was a key example that the government was not in control and the unions were too strong and could do what they wanted because no one could handle them.

1979 was a time for change, for something different that people had never seen before, a change for left wing politics that had seen too bring the country to its down fall. And the woman to change all this was Margaret Thatcher the first female leader of the conservative party and she had new radical ideas that would put the country back in to place. First of all she wanted to keep the unions down, so she introduced a system were unions had too have a pre ballet before they could even go on strike, Margaret Thatcher thought this would keep the union quiet for the time being. Another vote winner was that she was a woman, this meant more women turned out at the poles to vote for her because they thought she new more about women than men do and would help with women’s rights “the women of this country have never had a prime minister who knew the things they know, never, never. And the things that we know are very different from what men know." It was also the first time in history that the people had the opportunity to buy their own council house, which could have been see as a benefit for some families who had never of had the money before. There was also large-scale privatisation so some of the major industries like British gas. Last of all the welfare system was change, it was more means tested for the first time making it harder for everyone to get the benefits that they need. These would have been seen as major changes to the to the way Britain was run because it was a more right wing agenda. But what was really needed was a boost in the in economy; and to get people back in employment so the unemployment rate was not so high to really get the support they needed and wanted to stay at the top. But unfortunately for...
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