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6-6 Commission, Sales Tax, and Profit
2. A community is considering increasing the sales tax rate 0.5% to fund a new sports arena. If the tax rate is raised, how much more will you pay in sales tax on $500?

Problem Solving

Write the correct answer. 1. A bakery can sell muffins for $1 each. If it costs the bakery $5 to make 20 muffins, what percent of the money made from muffins sales is profit?

3. Trent earned $28,500 last year. He paid $8,265 for rent. What percent of his earnings did Trent pay for rent?

4. Julie has been offered two jobs. The first pays $400 per week. The second job pays $175 per week plus 15% commission on her sales. How much will she have to sell in order for the second job to pay as much as the first?

Choose the letter for the best answer. Round to the nearest cent. 5. Clay earned $2,600 last month. He paid $234 for entertainment. What percent of his earnings did Clay pay in entertainment expenses? A 9% B 11% C 30% D 90% 7. Kellen’s bill at a restaurant before tax and tip is $22.00. If tax is 5.25% and he wants to leave 15% of the bill including the tax for a tip, how much will he spend in total? A $22.17 C $26.63 B $26.46 D $27.82 6. Susan’s parents have offered to help her pay for a new computer. They will pay 30% and Susan will pay 70% of the cost of a new computer. Susan has saved $550 for a new computer. With her parents help, how expensive of a computer can she afford? F $165.00 H $1650.00 J $1833.33 G $785.71 8. The 8th grade class is trying to raise money for a field trip. They need to raise $600 and the fundraiser they have chosen will give them 20% of the amount that they sell. How much do they need to sell to raise the money for the field trip? F $120.00 H $3000.00 G $857.14 J $3200.00 54 Holt Mathematics

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