Thank You for Arguing

Topics: World Wide Web, Rhetoric, Ethos Pages: 4 (1315 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Lindsey O’Brien10-12-12
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“Growing Up Online”: Persuasive Techniques
The world today has been overthrown by technology. In the last decade this tech renaissance has changed our society and culture in America. The age group that has experience this effect straight on are children and teenagers. An episode of Public Broadcasting System’s Frontline named “Growing Up Online”, originally aired January 22nd 2008, enters the complicated world online and examines the impact the internet has on adolescence. This documentary brings front serious issues kids deal with everyday on the web including bullying, harassment, sexuality, and bizarre forms of celebrity. It reveals how virtual private lives online intercept with reality. This exposé on American online life is reported through many rhetoric techniques to help persuade you to think how much the computer has impact social culture and behaviors sometimes in a negatively way.

This episode of Frontline opens up with a basic scenario. It’s Friday night and everyone is online, even if it’s for different reasons. One group of teens are on the computer to play video games, accompany by loads of caffeine. Another group of teens across town at the local community center are looking up the latest videos on YouTube, and are social networking. The final example shows how in one household the older brother upstairs is on MySpace while his younger sibling downstairs is on videogame website Club Penguin; both are looking for virtual friends. They do this to show how much activity children spend on this media outlet even though we all have different interests. Their audience which is probably parents of children online can relate to this, this segment is using decorum in the way. The documentary is coming from a commonplace to adults. Parents of children can share the feeling of having their child online every Friday night and not knowing what they’re really up too. This strategy is very effective...
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