Texas Revolution Land Grab

Topics: American Civil War, Texas, United States Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: May 23, 2013
The Texas Revolution can be considered a land grab by The United States. Texas was first under the control of Mexican government. Steven F. Austin then goes and asks for approval to set a small colony in Texas. Texas had agreed to four main stipulations: must have moral and hardworking settlers, keep Spanish as primary language, primary religion is Catholicism, and no slavery. All is fine until more and more settlers come to Texas. The United States essentially wants Texas for slavery rights, sees opportunity to make more money by increased settlers, and to increase their size.

Moses Austin had only brought in 297 families in to his new colony but as more settlers come there is controversy about the rules set. Nobody wants to have Spanish as the primary language and slavery is still big issue. Moses tries to make a deal to compensate Mexico’s wishes along with the new settlers, which fails. In The United States slavery is still present so this is how they get their foot in the door with the new residence of Texas. The south and the north of The United States were battling between having and abolishing slavery, which would eventually lead to the civil war. If Texas were to join the United States this would help the south in their mission in the expansion of slavery.

John Quincy Adams is president at this time and sees the shift of settlers going to Texas. Texas doesn’t have a substantial amount of resources therefore ne acre is 0.25 cents compared to the $1.25 an acre in The United States so he sees an easy opportunity. President Adams was denied and here lays another problem.

Having Texas as a part of The United States would also fill the gap between the East and West sides of the country. “from sea to shining sea” is the goal that The United States had for itself. After the Louisiana Purchase which extended from the North to the South, The United States would be complete if Texas was right there in the middle, more commonly known as “The Manifest...
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