Texas Gulf Sulphur Case Study

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  • Published : July 17, 2011
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Case Study #1

#1- Did any of the following individuals in Texas Gulf Sulphur violate civil or criminal law by breaching a Fiduciary duty or engaging in insider trading:

Drake: A geologist and junior member of the exploration group who was authorized with confidential information. Although Stephens made it clear that the information about the Canadian Shield should be kept within the selected group of employees, Drake desecrated a Civil Law, the Security Law; and became an inside trader by making Investment decisions based on information that the general public was not aware of. Drake knowing that he was not supposed to tell anyone did, causing breach in his contract.

Stephens: President of TGS and the one who instructed the results to be confidential. As the president of the company, he was required to have a high standard of honesty and full disclosure in regard to his client, stock holders, Board of directors, etc… Although it is said that he did not hold part in insider trading, his leak with the discovery of the copper ore to the board, is what put him in a bind due to his stock options.

Crawford: He was the TGS public relation manager. Crawford phoned his broker and placed a buy order for 300 shares of TGS on the 15th of April before midnight. Crawford violated a Civil Law by engaging in insider trading. Being the one to organize the press release and stay present for the interview gave Crawford insight information on...
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