Texas and Local Rec Center

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My name is Jason Minikes and I am from Plano, TX. My current major is business but it’s not set in stone that it will be my major in a couple years. I currently know no one my age attending LSU so this will be a big transition for me but I am looking forward to the next four years. I am planning on rushing this fall to see what the fraternities are all about. I am hopping it will be an easy was to make friends fast and give me something to do during the entire school year. I got my first job when I was 13 as a timekeeper for my local rec center. Then at 15 I attended the Dallas Mavericks Hoop Camp and decided to apply to be a ballkid. I eventually got the job which I have been doing since this past year. They would have us passing out programs before the games, rebound for the players, and sweep the floor during the game. Also since I was 15 I’ve been a soccer referee until this summer where I got a job at a driving range called Topgolf. I like all sports but I love anything related to basketball and have played all my life. My rec team won the championship this past season. I have two other brothers. My older brother who is currently attending UTEP and my twin brother who is attending Texas Tech this fall. I have three dogs; Shadow is a golden retriever who I have had since I was 6, and Taz and Buddy, who are also twins, I have has since I was 13. My fathers name is Alan who is a salesman for Tech Plan and my mothers name is Debbie who is a Secretary for Edward Jones.
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