Tet Holiday in Vietnam

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Tet holiday!
Tet is a traditional holiday of our country Vietnam.
The season of Tet occurs around the biginning of February and end of Janaurỵ The meaning of Tet is ending old year and welcome a new year. Tet holiday is very special for Vietnamese families to reunite. At that time, all family members try to come back their homes and get together to prepare for Tet. Moreover they will buy new clothes and clean their house. A branch of Mai flower or a Kumquat tree can't be absent from every home. They bring a fresh atmosphere to the house. We decorate ancestral altar with a tray full of fruits and flowers. Some typical Tet's food such as sweets, coconut jam, candied fruits, lemon seeds, rice cake , "thit kho"( stew pork with eggs). A special food can not absent is sticky rice cake.. It is our country's traditional food on Tet holiday. Tet meal is more dilicious than our every day.  On Tet holiday, people have many typical activities. Young persons takes part in the traditional games such as: tug; cooking rice, cock fighting, watching lion dance. Many people visit relatives to wish a happy new year. A dults will give lucky money for children. Woman like going to pagoda to wish good things will come to their familỵ In my oppinion, i like cozy and fresh Tets atmosphere. All member of family talk together about a happy new year. I can hang out with my friend and don't worry about any thịng
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