Testimonials in Advertising

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  • Published : May 8, 2008
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Testimonials are written or spoken statements from a public figure and sometimes from a private person, who exalt the virtue of a product. This means that a product that has been advertised using this method are highly accepted by many bearing in mind that they have a feeling of how good the product is and how it is effective to make use of it. The testimonials used to sales pitches area attributed to ordinary citizens and endorsement usually applies to pitches by celebrities. In order for a person to qualify in marketing then with the use of testimonials will mean that people will be aware of products that are used. This means that people in public are aware of a product and to what extend this product can be used to bring changes that are desirable. There are different types of testimonials tat can be used in advertising so that a product can be made known to public. In coming up with testimonials that are important and lead to high sales there is need for a marketer to first know the perceptions of the audience and from this point of view then one will know exactly what is top be done so that advertising can be effective.( Krakauar,1995,pp25) There are four types of testimonials and include: customers in this testimonial are offering of about 30% increase in business which is seen to be unusual but business to business will offer double or triple results through the use of consumer testimonials. There are celebrities which are not as believable as customers they are not credible because they are paid. This will mean that a marketer will know whether to use a celebrity that will change the attitude of a company in a positive or negative way but the fact is that celebrities increase awareness but it may not be a good awareness to customers. Experts this is mainly used when one is selling artificial hearts so that they can boost business. This is important bin use of experts as it is seen to work and lead to high sales meaning that an expert that has top be used should be in a relevant field. In Expert organizations there is use of trade associations, a magazine in your filed, a chamber of commerce, a newspaper fort that one can make consumers aware on what an organization is producing and ready to sale. Many markers make use of testimonials because they are seen as ways in which the publican be made aware of a product in the most affordable way. This will mean that they will have their products with use of testimonials that they feel will lead to high sales due ton the awareness that will be created to the customers. (Helbling, 1994, pp, 45) This will imply that a customer will love a product from an organization due to the fact that it has proved to be the best as they already know themselves what exactly is required so that attraction to a product can be made. An example of the power of a tossed bouquet is to cite testimonials that are accompanied by two educational products that come on a market about 12 years ago, this will mean that one will be able to compare these two products that are provided in the market and come up with the right direction and decision in relation to this product. To be able to carry the feelings of consumers then one should have a pretty message that will give the customers a clear indication of this product that has to be sold in market. This means that this information will create a n impression to the users that there is need to make use of this product as it has desirable benefits to them. A person can combine the information with the warm, attractive photo of the proprietor so that the advertising can be more appealing to the eyes of people who are to buy the product. But one caution of justice should be taken in consideration do that there can be a wonderful quote and strong advertising message in order to avoid obvious mistakes that can be made. The second thing that one should consider is the original headline in that one should ensure that information that...
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