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Tesco Gains Inventory Visibility with ADT RFID Solution

Business Drivers
* Reduce out-of-stock items at store level
* Shrink reduction
* Simplify supply chain
* Enhance customer satisfaction
Key Highlights
* Tesco tasked ADT with developing a RFID solution, capable of increasing supply chain efficiency * ADT’s RFID technology helps Tesco track goods through the supply chain * 4,000 readers and 16,000 antennas protect Tesco’s network of stores and warehouses in the UK Situation

UK based Tesco is the country’s number onesupermarket chain and a leading international retailer. It has a variety ofstore formats such as Extra, Superstore, Metro, Express and Tesco.com, amongthe world’s largest online supermarkets.  The retail giant wanted to simplifyits supply chain and reduce stock shrinkage to remain competitive and tocontinue offering its customers top-quality service and varied product choices. Solution

Tesco asked ADT to develop a radio frequencyidentification (RFID) solution for receiving, counting and transporting theright quantity of each product at the right time to the right store. ADTimplemented a quick and unobtrusive solution that helps Tesco monitor thedelivery of high-value goods through the supply chain. Installation included4,000 readers and 16,000 antennas throughout Tesco stores and warehouses in the UK. Dock doors and merchandise receipt points at Tesco stores and distribution centres were fitted with the latest generation RFID technology.  Results

The ADT RFID solution helped provide Tescowith the needed inventory visibility to reduce traditional supply chainproblems such as late deliveries, out-of-stock items and shrinkage – lesseningthe negative impacts on customer service. Tesco can now monitor the delivery ofits goods as they move from warehouse to outlets, helping to ensure improvedavailability of its wide range of products and promoting the satisfaction ofits loyal...
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