Terrorism: Human Rights and Security Vs Privacy

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  • Published : October 17, 2013
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Ashley Bracero september 13, 2013 Period 8 Grade: 10th Are We Catching Terrorist or Are We The terrorist ?

America a land of hope and prosperity, one might even go as far as saying ,"The land of Dreams''. People from all over the world migrate to our great country for the luxurious rights we offer to all our people. Some of those rights including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, and The right to privacy. But what if we told everyone one who entered the united states that there was a catch ? That at any moment if the goverment felt threatened enough, they could twist those rights to there benefit ? Do you think people would still view America as a getaway or more like a false advertisement ? Now we will try and dicuss one topic that has been raising a huge controversy in America today, security vs privacy. Ever since it has been revealed that the goverment has been hacking into american citizens private information for ,''Security Meaures," America has been going into a spiral of doubt. Both parties are making compelling arguments regarding their reasoning and perspective on the matter of security vs privacy. The huge question being raised,"Is security actually more Important than privacy ? The goverment may tell you yes; that the precautions they are taking are only minor set backs necesary for the continuation of a strong society. In my opinion this is just yet another fib told to keep the goverment in control of what has been spiraling in the other direction since 9/11. Fear of Terrorism has fueled many changes in The...
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