Tenebrio Molitor

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Aspirin, Carbon dioxide Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Tenebrio molitor is the scientific name for mealworm. While conducting the experiment, the Tenebrio molitor is given a drug name aspirin to see the changes in the worm after taking the drug. The independent variable is aspirin and the dependent variable is death rate. Aspirin is given to Tenebrio molitor to see if they die from taking the drug. In many countries, mealworms are being served for meals. It’s surprisingly tasty and is a very high source of protein. Mealworms live in places surrounded by what they eat. You can find them in dark areas, such as under rocks, soil, logs, in animal burrows and in stored grains. These insects can be found anywhere there are leftovers. These tiny insects eat decaying leaves, sticks and dry grass. Sometimes they feed on new roots and plant parts. Also they eat dead insects, waste and stored grains. Mealworms get there water from potatoes, apples and other fruits that hold water. The life cycle of Tenebrio molitor has four life stages. At the first stage the eggs are white, bean shaped, and about 2mm to 9mm long. In their larvae, their pigmentation is dark yellow with brown hands and is about 35 mm long. The pupa stage is white with a large head and a pointed tail. Like all beetles, this beetle sheds exoskeleton, has six jointed legs, and two antennae, compound eyes, and a body divided into three parts, the head, thorax, and abdomen. At the adult stage the beetle grows from 12 to 25 mm long. The adult lives for a few months and the whole life cycle is about a year. (Ghosh, 2004) http://www.dedham.k12.ma.us/webquest/spring2003/js/webmealworms.htm http://www.dedham.k12.ma.us/webquest/spring2003/js/webmealworms.htm

Mealworms: The Next High-Protein Food Source?

The Christmas traditional of serving ham would never be replaced, but Tenebrio molitor may someday offer an environmental friendly alternative to meat, as a new study suggested. Researchers in Netherlands used three factors which were land usage, energy needs and...
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