Temporary Habeas Corpus Effects

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Temporary Habeas Corpus Effects
Before the Civil War the U.S. was very decentralized, and that happened because of many reasons. The south was very reliant on cash crops, plantations and large lands of agriculture. They also still had a slave based economy. The north on the other hand was being affected greatly by the industrial revolution while also consisting of small family farms. By 1860 almost 50 percent of the North’s population was making a living outside of agriculture. Also by the 1860 the new population of the Northwest contained about one-quarter of the population in the U.S. Clement L. Vallandigham was an outspoken attorney who served two terms in the Ohio House of Representatives. He was a North westerner and the North Westerners looked down upon slavery in the south and feared the expansion of slavery into the west. When the civil war started they felt like the northwestern soldiers were taking the worst impact of the war and blamed the republicans of having started the war just to emancipate the slaves. Vallandigham was determined to run for governorship of Ohio again in 1863 so he divided a plan to be perceived as a martyr by the Democratic delegates by getting arrested for breaking General Ambrose Burnside’s general order number 38 (page 262-269). Why was Vallandigham actually arrested? Was it for political reasons or was it because that he had actually broken General Ambrose Burnsides general order number 38? By looking at the way Lincoln has replied to Vallandigham’s speeches and accusations and also how vallandigham stated his stance in his own speeches. Vallandigham might have been arrested for either undermining the administration by talking critically about the president, encouraging military desertions, or being outspoken about the rights people were losing because of the rebellion.

Vallandigham got arrested because his speeches started getting worse and more offensive towards the government and the president’s actions and decisions...
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