Temple Grandin

Topics: Autism, Sociological and cultural aspects of autism, Temple Grandin Pages: 5 (1904 words) Published: March 14, 2013

Temple Grandin is an HBO film directed by Mick Johnson and debuted on February 6, 2010 with the four major casts: Claire Danes as Temple Grandin; Julia Ormond as Eustacia Grandin and Temple’s mother; Catherine O’Hara as Aunt Ann, Temple’s Aunt and sister of Eustacia Grandin; and David Straithairn as Dr. Carlock, Temple’s boarding school science teacher and mentor whose efforts shared an heartwarming film and gave a new perspective for autism. Temple Grandin is an autistic woman with an amazing visual skills and she created new innovations on how to handle the animals in a humane way in the cattle ranches and slaughterhouses before they are placed for meat butchering. Temple is not like other people. She thinks with pictures and she connects them in her head. This is how she sees her environment. Going down the plane, she reacted how warm the place is and said it’s hot and she can see the heat literally. Temple asked her Aunt Ann and said, “Do people live here?” Like any ordinary person. No person can see the heat unlike for Temple’s visual description. A person can only feel the warm feeling but for Temple, she can see it vividly like pictures in her head. While Temple was telling a story to her Aunt Ann and repeats the same statement, “Would you like me to open the gate”. She observed the ranch where her Aunt Ann and Uncle Mike’s lives. They reached the front gate and her Aunt Ann asked her to open the gate. She was amazed to see different animals in her Aunt Ann’s ranch. While she was closing the gate, she was thinking already in her head how she can make calculations, designs and innovations for a new gate. She was introduced to her Uncle Mike and to a working ranch handler. To Temple’s mind, he sees the guy as a cowboy. As part of her learning, she was reminded of her manners. Temple has no eye contact with the people whom she is introduced. She showed quite an attitude about unfamiliarity like when she was unsure if the room given to her is her room. At dinner, she was focused and looking at the aquarium oxygen filter that is making a loud sound. She does not like to eat food that are high in cholesterol and preferred food like jello-yougurt. Temple is able to define differences in a material like when her Aunt Ann asked her to organize the spoons and forks. She can identify with details. After the dinner, her aunt said that “we get up with the rooster around here.” Temple vividly saw in her mind that both her Aunt Ann and Uncle Mike get up together with the rooster to let people know its morning. Temple does like to be hugged and her Aunt Ann was reminded of ‘No Hugs’ that identifies with one of the characteristic of a child of autism.

Temple likes observing mechanical materials like the exhaust window in her room. She started working with calculations and designs for her Aunt Ann’s new gate. While

feeding and observing the horses, she was explaining to her Aunt Ann that the horse is looking directly at them or to the cowboys with the horse’s wiggling and pointing ears. Another incident that caught her attention was how the cow handlers handle the cows and placing them in the cattle crush, a device that hugs them to calm them. Temple shows more understanding and closeness to animals than people. She returns in her room and she is unable to identify her room, she panicked and run fasts to the cattle crush for her to be calmed. Eustacia Grandin, Temple’s mother rushed in to her sister’s ranch to let her know that college is waiting for her. In Temple’s dorm room, she was asking her mother about someone as her roommate and having panic attacks. Her mother left and close the door for Temple‘s space. Flashbacks returns as her mother remembers Temple’s childhood. Before that, Temple was diagnosed with classic autism, a severe case of autism in which she seemed aloof, lacked eye contact, had no language, and avoided human affection and touch. The diagnostician explained to...
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