Tell Tale Heart Study Packet

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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“The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe

Activity Packet



Name ____________________________________________ L.A. Period ________

Your score ___________out of 30 points possible
( Covers plot elements, comprehension, figurative language, mood, character traits, , and setting )

Pre-Reading Guide for “Tell-Tale Heart”

Name _________________________________________ Period ___________ (5 pts.)

Describe five things that you usually find in a scary/horror story:

1. ______________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________________________

4. _______________________________________________________________

5. ________________________________________________________________

Read the following statements. If you agree with them, put a check in the YOU column. Then, AFTER we read the story, go back and put a check in the AUTHOR column if you feel the author agrees with that statement.


____________1. People who are insane know that they are insane.

____________2. Sane people sometimes imagine that they hear things.

____________3. If you commit a crime, the worst punishment is the guilt afterward.

____________4. Often it’s the small annoying things about people that
can be the most irritating and infuriating.

____________5. All people are basically afraid of the same things.

____________6. When you’ve done something wrong, wondering if you’ll
be caught can cause great stress and anxiety.

“Tell-Tale Heart”comprehension QuestionsName__________________ (20 pts.)

After reading “Tell-Tale Heart” by Poe, answer the following questions using short answers. They do not need to be complete sentences, but answer each part of the question thoroughly.

1. Who is telling this story...
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