Television and Childhood Obesity

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Television Associated With Childhood Obesity
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Childhood obesity has become a national dilemma. Recent studies have shown several causes for this public health epidemic. The evidence between childhood obesity and children’s excessive amount of time in front of the television has done nothing but increase each year. How long do children watch television each day. Does the media target children television? What are the health risks involved with childhood obesity? Childhood obesity continues to increase dramatically as the young viewers are victimized by television. Television Associated With Childhood Obesity

During a recent study at UCLA School of Public Health, Sarah Anderson stated “The association between television viewing and childhood obesity is directly related to children’s exposure to commercials that advertise unhealthy foods.” (Anderson. S 2010) Researchers Frederick J. Zimmerman and Janice F. Bell conducted a study that involved 3,563 children, ages ranged from infants to 12-year-olds. Primary caregivers reported children’s activities and television viewing during the week. Studies had shown that commercial viewing had a significant affect with a higher BMI. According to Zimmerman and Bell, “steering children away from commercial television may be effective in reducing childhood obesity, given that food is the most commonly advertised product on children’s television and the fact that almost 90 percent of children begin watching television regularly before the age of 2” (Zimmerman, F. and Bell, J. 1997). Nevertheless, researchers have indeed discovered the link between television and childhood obesity as it continues to rise. Since 1980 the percentage of child obesity has more than tripled in the United States. Identifying childhood obesity can be done in various ways. One warning sign is acanthosis nigricans, a skin condition in which the darkening or thickening of the skin folds that can appear on the back of...
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