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World-wide technology quickly improved to provide more accessible business modes and communication for telecommuting. Technology has obviously changed how employees perform their jobs and allowed employees to become more efficient. However, many employers do not realize the employment law risks associated with telecommuting. Telecommuting explains the idea of developing, establishing, and maintaining successful off-site business and trading practices through telecommunications. This paper will explain the impact, definition, management and personal prospective, as well as the disadvantages of telecommuting, liabilities, securities, and other factors. Introduction:

Jack Nilles was the inventor of word Telecommuting and Teleworking in 1973, also known internationally as “the father of telecommuting/teleworking” ( Telecommuting is defined as an alternative way of accomplishing work tasks while at the same time providing a variety of benefits to organizations, associates, communities, and the environment. Telecommuting replaces the traditional workplace via telephones, computers, and other telecommunications equipment at outside office locations. The terms "telecommuting" and "teleworking" are used somewhat identical. "Teleworking" is probably a more accurate description of what actually occurs in today’s business, but “telecommuting" continues to be the more often used term. Telecommuting work arrangements have a variety of forms, depending on the needs of employees and employers. Part-time telework (one to two days per week) allows employees to avoid daily commutes to and from a main office, which may or may not be easily accessible. Part-time telecommuting employees include editors and designers who often work as freelancers. Full-time telecommuting associates (four to five days per week) work as "virtual teams" who assemble electronically from a variety of physical locations to solve business problems (ITAC, 2002). Disadvantage of...
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