Teenagers Have a Lot to Offer the World

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  • Published : May 1, 2012
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“Teenagers have a lot to offer the world.” In this essay I will explain to you why I think teenagers don’t have a lot to offer the world. Firstly I will explain that teenagers are

Teenagers are; unmotivated, self-centred and need a lot of direction in what to do. They often appear self-absorbed, frustrating teachers, employers, and parents. They are motivated by media into doing stupid things, and are influenced by social media and lack the maturity to decipher right from wrong, good from bad. An example is

Teenagers are unskilled. They might not have the knowledge required for a certain task. Some do not have the training needed and take up resources which would be better off in adult’s hands. Some can be limited by age in what they can do, or not.

High percentage of teenagers involved in criminal activities. Most have dysfunctional and disadvantaged families and lack positive male role models. It has been reported that 70 percent of Youth Offenders are not enrolled at school or tertiary institutions.

Although some can do simple tasks which do need to be done, e.g. shelving at a supermarket, they cannot do specialist jobs which are most sought after. Anyway, adults can do these simple jobs too and will put the money towards something better than alcohol or drugs. Also most teenagers that do not have a job, or other form of making money, get paid by their parents and can often spend a lot burning a hole in parent’s pockets. They

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