Topics: Adolescence, Sociological terms, Responsibility Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Every teenager loves the feeling of freedom and being able to do whatever they want. Now when it comes to responsibility not everyone can do it. So how much freedom and responsibility is right enough for teenagers to have in making their own decisions? Teenagers are suppose to have just the adequate freedom and responsibilities according to their age. Giving them too much will overwhelmed them or giving them little can cause for them to run over you. Not too much and not to little.The first thing to do is not to give teenagers too much freedom. Most of the time the consequences are that they will become rebel. That's when they will start running over you. That's when you decide to give them certain freedom depending on their age. Like when they are 16 let them go to the movies or out but until 10pm or 11pm. One their 17 or 18 let them be out more until midnight or 1a.m. Let them know they are responsible of their own actions of what they do or if they don't follow their curfew.Teens need to learn a lot on being responsible. They can start by paying for their own bills if they are working. For example if they want a cell phone then they can, but as long as they pay for it. For teens that are not working then they can help out with chores. Parents need to teach them responsibility in certain ways so once their older they won't be irresponsible in life. The more responsibilities a teen has the more it will help in his/her future and gain more freedom.Basically teenagers can have just the normal appropriate freedom for their age. When it comes to responsibility then they are allowed to have allot of it. That way they can know better. Plus the more responsible the more parents will be adding to their list of freedom.
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