Teenager's Pregnancy

Topics: Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence Pages: 4 (1240 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Teenager’s Pregnancy In Colombia
Adolescence in Colombia is often the age of contradictions and misunderstandings, which makes the discovery of oneself possible. The development and maturity of these psychosocial characteristics are shifted, in adolescents, in later ages of life, unlike the first biological maturity prevailing in this phase. Thus misinformation and lack of education in the sexual order is considered a major risk on reproductive health, which could lead to early parenthood. Many adolescents begin their sexual life at an early age and they could get pregnant, which becomes an obstacle for their dreams and goals. So one of the major problems we face due to their social significance is teen pregnancy that is happening more frequently in lower socio-economic sectors. There are many and varied causes that adolescents get pregnant at an early age, but the most important is the lack of sex education. Parents often evade this responsibility and leave it to teachers; there is no communication between parents and children. Furthermore, in many cases adolescents have been sexually abused and they begin early sexual relationships, because they are often not aware of fertility issues; this occurs under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Moreover, in the modern world technology has advanced a lot and we can look for information on sexuality like having sex at an early age and like any other. Hence, the teenager who gets pregnant is which want it or simply is an irresponsible person. Currently, younger people are having more and more unprotected sex and know less effective contraception options, then it is easy to determine that non-use of contraceptive methods is a risk factor for getting pregnant, because their first sexual relations are spontaneous, unplanned, so it difficult the use of a contraceptive method. A teenager’s pregnancy is traumatic because the younger has to be a mother and adolescent at the same time. Pregnancies in adolescence have...
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