Teenage Pregnancy

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Chapter 1

When we watch news on television and hear stories like a 38-year old mother gave birth to octoplets, we actually get curious and watch the whole report. It is a complete different story when we hear a 15-year old teenage girl pregnant with her boyfriend. Actually this kind of story is not included in the news often but only in documentaries because it is always happening around us. People nowadays consider it as the norm. We tend to think that this is only happening because they cannot control their feelings. In fact, guidance is what a teenage girl needs to prevent this kind of situation.

Significance of the Study

This study will make us aware of what is happening in our society today. This issue is being ignored a lot of times. This will guide the parents and friends on what to do if a teenager gets pregnant. For teen mothers, this will guide them on their options before and after pregnancy.

Questions to be Answered
Below is the list of questions to be answered:
1. What are the causes of teenage pregnancy?
2. How will the pregnant teenager prepare in telling her parents the news? 3. What are the different changes that will occur in her life once she is pregnant? 4. What is the impact of teenage pregnancy to the mother, the child and other family members? 5. What are the options of teen mothers after pregnancy?

6. What is the real problem in teenage pregnancy nowadays?
7. What are the risks of teenage pregnancy?

Chapter 2

Many of us tend to think that teenage pregnancies occur because they could not control their urge of temptation before getting married. That is not entirely true.

In fact the main reasons why most teenage girls become pregnant are because they lack supervision. Poverty, sexual abuse and media also play an important role in teenage pregnancies.

Single parent families are usually in poverty. Single mothers who had a child during their teens give a message to their daughters that you can have sex at a young age, even without knowing it. Teenage girls can see that if their own mother survived life even though they had sex in their teens, they have a tendency to think that they can do it, too.

Teenage girls who never had a father figure in their lives are more probable to approve having a relationship with older men. Teenage girls may feel a sense of psychological security with an older, fatherly man in their lives. Money can also be a reason for dating an older man. Women who are in poverty and want a better and more comfortable lifestyle would want to have a man who has a lot of money. Of course some teenage girls do not care about popularity, security, or money. They just love the person that they are with. They fall in love with their intelligence, background, or kindness. Then the girl begins to have sex with the older man, and becomes pregnant. When this happens, a girl's life can be ruined even more severely compared to getting pregnant with someone around her age. The teenager could be mocked and called such violent words as a "whore" or "tramp". She could lose her reputation, family, and friends. Worst of all she could lose her boyfriend if he were to be sentenced to jail for having sex with a minor or in some cases being forced to choose between her and his wife. All of these outcomes can diminish a teenage girl's self image and well being. Most relationships with older men do not work out because the two people involved eventually realize that they have little or nothing in common.

According to Evelyn Lerman, about sixty percent of teens are raised by a single parent. Teenage women who only have one parent are sometimes neglected because they are busy working for the family. According to Evelyn Lerman, eighty percent of teenage women who become pregnant are in poverty before they become pregnant.

If a teenage girl feels neglected they have a tendency to yearn for love. They want to find...
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