Teenage Marriages Are Likely to End Unhappily

Topics: Marriage, Love, Sun Pages: 2 (813 words) Published: June 27, 2012
Hot wax, orange flames, pure white candles burning; foggy grey smoke as the wind repeatedly blew each one out. Sparkly rainbow glares from the magnificently detailed designs of sequence on her wedding dress, targeted the retinas of each guest. His hair combed back with a perfect waive affect as he bent down to kiss his bride. Wings fluttered, everyone smiled and was in awe, as the doves were released and flew into the clouds. The sun glistened over the venue, as rice was tossed above the bride and groom. They made their exit, leaving a great ambience of love in the air. Marriage is a beautiful thing. “Why God?”, “Why here in this small backyard?” My grandmother continuously muttered, snapping me back into reality. Sweat dripping down my face, into my eye as if I was crying. I took out a small travel sized tissue to fry my eyes. As my vision became clear I remember looking up, and in this small crowded backyard my aunt Guadalupe the bride and her groom, Roberto stood before a cheap Judge who only charged $25. Then in my head I thought to myself, while the judge rambled on about commitment and other nonsense that, “Teenage marriages are likely to end unhappily”. My aunt Guadalupe at 15 years of age was now married to her also young husband and with a child. She expressed this passionate and strong love for her husband, that she could never imagine losing. She explained to me one day that he was more of a man to her than her absent father was to her mother. Not having her father in her life as a child, made her appreciate and unconditionally care for her husband. Guadalupe also loved and cared for her toddler Miguel; who soon became ill. After nights alone in the house, as their child was in the hospital, they lay there embracing each other in bed. Comforting one another, night after night with their immaturity, the only way they knew to do this was with lust. Sweat beads rolled down their backs, heat filled the room, and an odd scent lingered in the air, as...
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