Teen Alcoholism

Topics: Adolescence, Peer group, Youth Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Drinking Yourself Dumb
It’s Friday night after a big homecoming win over the rival school and Jack is throwing a huge party. “Everybody is going to be there and plans are to get “messed up””. Or “it’s Senior Prom and we have bought so much alcohol it’s not even funny! We are getting wasted and aren’t going to remember who we are” This is the mindset of many high school students across the nation today. Even though teenagers are not legally allowed to drink in the United States, alcoholism and alcohol abuse is a major problem for many young Americans. There are many factors to analyze that may lead a young adult to drinking and many more consequences. There are several different factors that can lead a young adult to start drinking at an early age and in some cases highly depend on it for happiness. One way a young adult may get lead to drinking is by the influence of their parent. For some kids, a problem drinking parent may not show the love and the sort of guidance needed. So since they cannot turn to their parents for their problem they need to find an alternate way to deal with their obstacles and challenges in life. This can lead to a higher risk of this child developing the want to turn to a drink. In addition, a parent who abuses alcohol has a higher tolerance of their child drinking. These parents have acceptance of their child drinking because they see no problem with it. Another key reason that leads kids to drinking at a young age is social pressure. One of these pressures is by your peers. Peer pressure can lead high school students to do many things. They believe that since all their friends are doing it they will not be cool if they say no, so they go along with it and go to the party or social and drink. Then there is the media world that promotes alcohol. When you have “The most interesting man in the world” on television selling you beer or see how peaceful it is sitting on a beach with a beer in your hand, gives the message to youth that it is...
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