Technology: the Downturn of Society

Topics: Fiction, Literary technique, Michiko Kakutani Pages: 4 (1479 words) Published: April 9, 2006
Technology has been affecting society since the beginning of time. In every era there is a new form of technology that has helped shape society. In Ray Bradbury's "The Veldt," he expresses the change that technology brought to the Hadley residence through their virtual reality room. In Michiko Kakutani's "Bananas for Rent," she writes about the change that the media, a form of technology, has brought to the American society. Although the story is fiction and the essay is nonfiction, both works deal with the change that technology has brought upon society. Both works express a negative connotation on the subject of technology. Although there are several distinctions between both works, when seen through the formalist lens, "The Veldt" and "Bananas for Rent" both answer the ontological question of the importance of technology using similar methods. Both authors answer the question using their tone, foreshadowing, and plot. Bradbury uses his story's tone to prove that technology has degraded society. Throughout the story, the author expresses troubled and somber tone through the use of his dialogue and descriptions. In a description of the house, the author writes, "The house was full of dead bodies, it seemed. It felt like a mechanical cemetery. So silent. None of the humming hidden energy of machines waiting to function at the tap of a button (Bradbury 1736). This descriptive passage adds to the somber tone of the story by creating a dead atmosphere. It also proves that the technology had destroyed the house by claiming that it felt like it was a mechanical cemetery. The author used the story's tone to exemplify the death that the machines were bringing upon the house. Through the formalist lens by examining the tone, one can see the decline of the house that was brought upon by its technology. The author adds the literary device of foreshadowing to demonstrate that technology has caused society to decline. Throughout the story the author...
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