Technology Overload

Topics: Mobile phone, IPhone, Google Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Oh, technology, technology, wherefore art thou technology. There is internet and cell phones, Google and Facebook galore; almost no one uses their head anymore, we have become too dependent on the technology that lives and grows around us. You almost can’t go anywhere anymore and not see someone without their phone, it has even invaded churches with the bible app. When I think of a question, I don’t go to the library to try to figure it out; I whip out my phone and “Google” my question or someone else who is with me “Google’s” the question. And just think, it will only get worse, not better; everyone craves technology, when something new comes out it’s like the old thing is dead and almost never was. I think one day, everyone should just turn off their laptops, Wi-Fi, iPhones, TVs, etc. It would be interesting to see how everyone would be freaking out. People would have to hand write research papers and go to the library for the information. No one could listen to their music. The technology is getting more advanced and soon we won’t have to do anything like in Wall-E. Almost EVERYTHING is technology anymore. It’s like technology is taking over and obesity is growing. It’s like that is all that is running through people’s minds, “I wonder how many notifications I have?” “Who should I text next?” “I wonder what Google would say?” Technology is taking over and it is sad to think that everything the world was is no longer. The way everyone is with technology probably wonders how anyone could have ever lived without it. But people did it for thousands of years! It’s hard to think that when my mom was growing up she didn’t have a cell phone like we have now. There are pros and cons to the technology we have. A Pro is that it is a fast, easy way to communicate and if we have long distance family we can still stay in touch with just the click of a button. A con is that everyone depends on it, not many people can live without technology and the people who can live...
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