Technology at Work

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Technology at work

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Technology at work

The World Wide and Computers
GSP and Smart cell phones
New way Transportation


Technology is has made the world we live in today. It helps us move faster with the car we drive, and keeps us safe with new air bags or better seat belt. Technology is simple as a computer helping us type a research paper, to doing the research at home with the help of Internet.

We are always inventing something better to improve our life, the invention of the cell phone made commutation better and faster. With new ways of getting to work in new safer, bigger and fast subways or buses, making it easier to get to work. We seem to do our day and not think of how lucky we are to be in this time. Health care to farming use technology from ordering supplies to gathering the crops, everyone have benefit from all these advancement.

Technology at work

Technology has always been made to improve and longer our lives. Technology affects our lives in good ways and bad from telling us what time it is to waking us in morning for work with a forecast of the day’s weather. Yet sometimes it lets us down breaking down on us when we need it the most or overheating and been unreliable to us. Today’s technology seems to be improving our lives every day and in every way impossible, with faster safer cars to new apps in our phones to check our bank account or where our loves are. With every new week new technology comes out, for example better bigger faster cell phones that have TV on it. Each week companies are working with new better technology to stay in reach of each other; from manager to manger or to employee. They use these tools to produce or work faster and safer. In this ever changing world and economy technology advancements are always improving before our eyes every day. Within the past five years cell phones, computers, cars and the internet have taken a big leap moving faster, become larger and doing much more then places a call or taking us to our destination. Technology has improve our daily lives in many ways without us been noticing. Yet the work place has had one of the biggest impacts, yet employees don’t feel or notice the impact it has had on them. With new cell phones, computers, and faster internet information travels faster than lighting these days. Also with new advancement in transportation of martials, supplies, and people can be done more efficiently in short time while saving on gas cost. These new technology advancement companies can save time and money. All these new advancement helps companies send, share, and acquire information within seconds. People and companies commute with each other with emails, text or a video chat. Information can travel faster than anyone could of image; the world doesn’t feel as big as before. A larger of implication is in the way companies and people conduct business these days. Now people can commute fast or shop online without leave our sits or their office.

The World Wide and Computers
Information travels faster than the speed of light in today’s world. Information is been sent from person to person in a blink of eye from blackberries to Iphones to emails making the world smaller thanks to communication technology .During work I wonder how hard work would be without our technology. Every company in the world use computers and the internet to store and send information, no more use store units and sending letters thru the mails. Thanks to the Internet Companies can store important files; send emails, orders supplies and materials thru the web. For...
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