Technology and Privacy

Pages: 4 (1148 words) Published: November 26, 2010
In the last twenty years, technology has been changing deeply our society: habits, style of life, and menagement of time are completely different. The globalization of the markets and information, the massive diffusion of mobiles and internet, have created many advantages in our workplaces, in our houses, in our cities but on the other hand they have reduced the liberty and the privacy of the individual person and their own goods. So the question are: Is this the price to pay for the development of technology in our society? Are we ready to reduce our private sphere in the name of the modernity and the globalization? Nowdays, we are living in the age of the "Big Brother", that is not only a TV program but it is a real condition of everyone: when you enter a bank or a shop, when you go to the cinema or to a restaurant, when you take the bus, the train or you are in the underground or in an airport, when you are driving your car in your city or in the highway, you could imagine that a videocamera is focusing on you! The real condition of the common people to be observed by this "Big brother" in the most of their daily activities could give us the idea of how great is the power to use all this information. Fot this reason, in the last years many western countries have thought to create a national authority, a Guarantor, who could regolate all the aspecsts connected with the privacy of the citizens, the factories and the spread of reserved and confidential information through the Mass Media. The video surveillance systems, Internet and Social network, Collection and use of Data base and of the new services to the consumers, the good relationship between "right of chronicle" and dignity of the people, the transfer of the data to the foreign countries belong to the biggest and complexe issues in which the Guarantor assure his ntervention in defense of the fundamental rights of the citizens.

Grazie ai progressi tecnologici oggi è infatti...
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