Technology and Business

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Technology and Business|
The role of technology in logistics|
In this report we will discuss the effects of technology in the supply chain and logistics management field and the need for new college graduates to have a firm grasp of its applications. | |

In this paper we will discuss some IT trends grouped in four key themes. I will show how these four key themes affect the way technology is used in a supporting role with regards to logistics operations to gain a competitive advantage, and why new college graduates will need to understand and use these technologies. To gain a full understanding of the reach of logistics we must take a look at it from a global view point. I believe this to be true do to the fact logistics is the movement of goods or services from one place to another, this includes information. In today’s global economy many of the goods used to produce a product are an accumulation of many parts from around the world. Therefore companies who wish to gain a competitive edge must not overlook the need to invest in new technologies that will help with the efficient transfer of information across the company. Four Key Themes

1. Integration and flexibility
2. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
3. Hardware
4. Communications technology
The first of these themes deals with current trends in supply chain software. Successful integration of information within a company allows for reduced costs; increased productivity; and improved customer service. Advanced transaction processing systems that address the needs of an entire company are now widely used throughout the industry. These systems allow companies to monitor inventory at all locations throughout the company, which may include multiple warehouses in multiple countries. Integrated

Systems are now available which provide real time visibility of demand forecast information, inventory levels and production schedules. Once these systems have been linked to sophisticated...
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