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There can be many problems that may come to surface when dealing with virtual teams. Problems can range from not making it a conference call to not completing a required assignment. Being in a virtual team does not give any member lenience towards any assignment because it is expected from the teacher for the team to work together in order to get it done. I believe that the teacher will not give a team an assignment if there was no way to complete it.

Teams are organizational units that share a common goal and whose members having a feeling of mutual responsibility for the results that the team produces.(from the first page on article "building effective virtual teams"(BEVT) 2nd to last paragraph) A virtual team, which is also considered a multicultural team, is a group of people that are placed together who are separated . Members in a virtual team can be taken from different geographical areas and joined together by technology for school or for business matters. In order for this team to be successful in what they do, they must be able to communicate at all times, discuss all topics, understand one another, and come to a mutual agreement in all areas. This may be a problem for certain teams.

One problem in a multicultural team is not understanding the diversity within international cultures. Some people within a group may not be able to attend certain conference calls, or group meetings because of religious beliefs or cultural traditions. This may bring about issues with completing a particular assignment, which may result in effecting every group member's grade. In order to avoid these issues, the group leader must gain trust and an understanding of the diversity in international cultures to avoid future issues.

Another problem in a multicultural group is project management. A team's success can be damaged by the lack of project management which comes from the team leader. As work is assigned, it must be delegated between each member. A team leader then...
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