Team Mom

Topics: Childhood, Adolescence, Puberty Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: March 17, 2013
The show “Teen Mom” in my opinion has a very positive and negative balance of the show. Teen Mom is a television show which comes on the television station MTV, it is about a group of high school girls who have had babies, and they are still trying to maintain work, or even finish school. The show lets society into these girls’ lives, and shows the struggles, and also the high points of these teenage boys and girls lives, after having children. The show follows at least four to five young teenage girls, they also follow them through their entire pregnancies, and also the relationships that they have with their families. The show also shows how the relationships between the teen mom and dad may change before and after the baby. I like this show because it tells our young society that they should try and practice abstinence as long as possible, but it also sends a message out to the young teenagers about the way their lives could change with a baby. There are some teenagers who actually stay together on the show and get married, and then there are those teens that fall in the statistics category of being a single teenage mom. The show provides us with a balanced knowledge of wait could happen to us when we have a child at such a young age. The message it sends is very important, because there are a lot of teens who have children when they are young, it lets them know that they too, can become one of those teenagers who has had a child, and can finish school, find a job, and live happy. It also sends the message that the fathers of these children may not be there the whole time, so it lets them see that kind of situation first hand, and also makes them learn how to mature with a baby. It shows them the many responsibilities of having a child. Some teens may tune into the show and it may change their prospection of having a child at such a young age.
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