Teaching and Learning Styles

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  • Published : July 10, 2011
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Teaching and Learning Styles

Grand Canyon University

Susamma George


King Patricia


Teaching and Learning Styles
Teaching and learning is the basis for any type of education process. Understanding the various teaching and learning styles of the student and teacher can greatly improve this education process. Many students share different learning methods and tactics, while most teachers are unique in their teaching methods. For example, a student may enjoy and learn better from a PowerPoint presentation of ‘The theory of evolution’ rather than a detailed 1000 plus page encyclopedic report on it. This disparity arises due to the different comprehension strengths and preferences of the student. Therefore, it is essential that one understands the learning strengths and preferences of the student. The VARK Questionnaire Results

|Your scores were: |You can find more information about your learning preferences in our | |Visual: 7 |downloadable book: | |Aural: 10 |How Do I Learn Best? | |Read/Write: 15 |a student's guide to improved learning | |Kinesthetic: 9 |More Information... | | | |

You have a mild Read/Write learning preference.

VARK is an...
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