Teacher and Mr. Carl Laurie

Topics: Vincent van Gogh, Teacher, Education Pages: 3 (734 words) Published: July 12, 2011
Each year the school gives aspiring and deserving students an opportunity to lead the school towards excellence in everything it does and in the process it brings out the best in us. A golden tradition indeed this has been, to nurture the genius of young adults.

It feels good and gives tremendous satisfaction when we look back and see that, together, we have been able to make a difference and made our alma mater proud that is demonstrated through many shining achievements and honours, our school received in last one year.

We were able to make a good team with I as the Headgirl, Lalthansanga haunhar-Headboy, Saloni Seth-Vice Headgirl, Shawn Coutinho-Vice Headboy, Sana Ansari & Aatif Ansari- Sports captains , along with a team of ever willing and dedicated members. Each one of us complimented each other’s strength in leading the school in the academic year 2010-11. We were given the feedback that our team demonstrated extraordinary performance in many areas,which always made us feel very special. We owe this to our teachers and especially to our Principal Mr. Carl Laurie, who always encouraged us to learn from our mistakes and strengthened the understanding of our own capabilities by engaging with our team members on every occasion.

Co curricular and extracurricular activities are as important for us Christ Churchites as our studies. All the inter house activities starting from chess, cricket, basketball, elocution, debates and many more witnessed the enthusiasm of the students to bring their house to the numero uno position. Sometimes it was Barnes, other times Willoughby, Heber too always made its presence felt , while Malcolm continued to hold on to the ace position for the 11th year in a row. However, the key theme behind all the house activities was always to promote the competitive spirit, team work and participation from all sections of the school fraternity. The annual cultural program Spectrum too was a grand success and won...
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