Tda 2.1 Transitions

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A transition is any significant stage or experience in the life of a child or young person that has a bearing on their behaviour and/or development.



Children and young people naturally pass through a number of stages as they grow and develop. Often being expected to be able cope with these changes. Some children may have to face very particular and personal transitions not necessarily shared or understood by their peers subsequently it is important to understand a child or young person in context of their life. Being able to recognise and understand the impact of any transition is vital as is recognising the role of parents and carers in supporting children and young people at points of transition. At these points all parties involved with the child or young person must understand the need for reassurance, advice and support.



Listen to concerns
Recognise/take account of signs of change in attitude/behaviour Build honest and open relationships
Always take into account age, development, family culture and background Manage in a timely manner
Help to reach a positive outcome


Communicate simple, reassuring messages
Reassure children, young people, parents and/or carers
Explain what is happening
Explore/Examine possible actions/ways to deal with new or challenging situations Identify opportunities to discuss the effects and results of transition Work within your own limitations
Make effective links with other professionals if necessary
Where appropriate, illustrate the benefits of transition


Recognise how children and young people respond to change
Consider issues of identity
Be aware of possible signs of transition
Know the likely impact of key transitions
Understand that additional support may be required when dealing with children/young people with disabilities or special education...
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