Tcp Congestion Control

Topics: Transmission Control Protocol, TCP congestion avoidance algorithm, Computer networking Pages: 14 (4150 words) Published: August 6, 2011
TCP Congestion Control
Taoufik#1, Kamrul#2, Rifat#3
#EECS Department North South University

Considerable interest has arisen in congestion control through traffic engineering. The goal of congestion control is to avoid congestion in network elements. A network element is congested if it is being offered more traffic than it can process. To detect such situations and to neutralize them we should monitor traffic in the network. This report focuses on the congestion control in the network. It explains congestion control in TCP. How congestion occurs and different measures adopted to remove congestion are highlighted here.

Data, Data Traffic, Network Congestion, Congestion control, Congestion control categories and Mechanism, Congestion control in TCP. *
* As the days are going forward, the necessity and involvement to network are increasing at an exponential rate. With the increment of user, development in this field is necessary. Communication over internet is nothing but transferring of data from one user to other user or we can say from one end system to other end system. There are two basic types of methodology used for data transferring, circuit switching and packet switching. Modern networks are basically a hybrid of both of them. In the packet switched network the original data is divided into small packets and sent over the net to ensure the maximum use of the network resources. These packets travel the whole network with the help of the intermediate routers that is the network switches and reaches the destination end system by a complex procedure. In the intermediate routers all the packets are first stored, queued and then forwarded to the outgoing link. Here very often it happens that due to various causes all the packets arriving at the router cannot be stored and forwarded to the client. As a result congestion occurs in the network and the performance of delivery deteriorates. As a result data loss occurs and the file is not delivered to the client completely. This is a big problem in the communication process and also causes waste of time and network resources. The main focus of our report is to figure out the causes of network congestion and its remedy.

* 2. DATA
Data is nothing but a set of information. In computer science, data is anything in a form suitable for use with a computer. Data and programs are two totally different concepts. Data is often distinguished from programs. A program is a set of instructions that detail a task for the computer to perform. In this sense, data is thus everything that is not program code. However in cases a program can be data and data can be a program. In computers data can be in any form. It can be a music file, may be a text file or it may be anything that is of use and of interest. We can process and modify data for our own convenience. The main focus of computer networking is to exchange data from one end system to other. Exchanging data is very complex and complicated procedure. During the exchange of data users face various complications among which ‘congestion control in TCP’ is our centre of concentration.

3. Data Traffic:
The main focus of congestion control is data traffic. Therefore before we move on to our main topic let’s have a very brief idea about data traffic. In the jargon of computer networking, data traffic is nothing but the amount and type of traffic on a particular network. Monitoring on data traffic is necessary to reduce difficulties like congestion, latency and packet loss in the network. This is basically a part of bandwidth management. It is necessary to measure the network traffic to determine the causes of network congestion and attack those problems specifically. Data traffic control is basically the process of managing, prioritizing, controlling or reducing the network traffic, particularly...
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