Tata Group and Its Growth in Last Years

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  • Published: January 26, 2011
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|Tata Group: Transforming the Sleeping Elephant | |-- Subir Sen Faculty Member, | |IBS, | |Kolkata, India. | |E-mail: subir@ibsindia.org | |This paper revolves around the turmoil that shook the very foundations of the Tata group when Ratan Tata was alleviated as the chairman of Tata Sons in 1991. Since its | |inception in 1875, the group has consistently displayed rare strategic talent by becoming pioneers in industries such as steel, hotels, power, insurance and airlines. As of| |today, it is the largest diversified business group in India. The group is respected for its philanthropic activities and is also known for distancing itself from political| |interference. Therefore, during the days of the license raaj, when most groups were diversifying aggressively, the Tatas were hibernating. As a result, during the 1970s and| |1980s, the groups growth rate slowed down and relatively younger business groups like Reliance overtook the top position from the Tatas that they had maintained for | |decades. When Ratan Tata became the group chairman, he again expressed his intent to diversify into emerging industries given the relatively free environment of the 1990s. | |The powerful satraps vehemently protested. In fact, the entire unity of...
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