Tarzan the Musical

Topics: Tarzan, Tarzan of the Apes, Edgar Rice Burroughs Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Tarzan the musical is based on the Disney Movie of the same name and story by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The story starts out with a young couple and their baby. After becoming shipwrecked and stranded off the coast of Africa, they make themselves a home in the jungle but are attacked by the leopard. The baby is the only one who survives. Kala, a gorilla has recently lost her son by the same leopard. She hears the baby crying and takes him for herself. She names him Tarzan. The leader of the gorillas, Kerchak, is very upset that she has brought a human among them because he knows the danger that humans could bring to the Gorillas. As Tarzan grows up, Kerchak still does not accept him. Kerchak leads him to a waterhole and tells him he cannot return, but Kala decides to leave the rest of the gorillas and stay with Tarzan, whose goal becomes to one day make Kerchak proud. He soon grows into a man and ends up defeating the leopard. Kerchak lets Tarzan stay with the group but makes it clear - Tarzan is no son of his. Not long after that, explorers Professor and Jane Porter, and their guide Clayton enters into the jungle in search of gorillas. Jane explores the jungle by herself but soon gets into trouble. Tarzan saves her and is confused. She looks the same as him, but she is still so different. Time passes and Jane teaches Tarzan all about the human world. They are obviously attracted to each other. In return of her help, Tarzan introduces her to his mother, Kala. Professor Porter and Clayton still haven't seen gorillas. They realize that they must call off the expedition soon. Clayton tells Tarzan that if they do not see gorillas, Jane will leave him. With the help of his best friend Terk, Tarzan invites his new friends into the nest without the knowledge of Kerchak. Jane and Porter are in awe. Kerchak appears and angrily chases them away. He throws Tarzan out for good. Kala ends up telling Tarzan about where he came from, and after discovering this, Tarzan decides to...
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