Tarrgon as Insectiside

Topics: Tarragon, Organic compound, Estragole Pages: 4 (1113 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) Plant Leaves Extract as Insecticide against Aphids

Aicel C.Paglinawan

There is a lot of kind of insecticide. Organic and inorganic are common types of this and it only differs from one another by substance in raw materials use. The researchers made an insecticide which made from the extract of tarragon (Artemisia drancunculus) leaves. This paper contains on how the researches come up with their study and information about the tarragon as an insecticide against aphids. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

Nowadays one of our greatest problem especially farmers are pest specifically the insects. They cause us many troubles. Aside from they eat the plants from which we get our food for our survival they also make farmers work more difficult. Many farmers think that how they can prevent their crops from insects or some pest. Actually most of them use insecticide to protect their crops, but they didn’t know which kind of insecticides they will use. The researchers found out that there are different brand of insecticides that are expensive and can also destroy plant and humans health if they will use it. It is the reason why the researchers come up with their study that the tarragon plant can also be an insecticide and it is not harmful to the plants because it is come from organic material. The researcher found out that tarragon plant (Artemisia dracunculus) has the ability of it smell to prevent insects like aphids to destroy the plants or the crops and it has a component that has insecticidal effect such as estragole or methyl chavicol, cis and trans ocimene.

The study entitled “Tarragon Plant (Artemisia dracunculus) as an insecticide“aims to answer the following objective: 1. Test the efficacy of the tarragon plant to kill aphids 2. Is there a difference on the effect of tarragon plant as insecticide and in commercial one in terms of : * Odor

* Color
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