Target Market

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Autism Speaks
Target Market

Target Market:
* Who is the Target Market?
1. Families, friends, caregivers, and others affected in a variety of ways by Autism

* How does this demographic work together to raise awareness? 2. Provide insight, support, and education to greater communities through neighborhood events and open monthly Meetings Research Average Target Market:

* Autism Speaks Main Geographic Areas:
3. There are four main geographic chapters of Autism Speaks, Chicago, St. Louis, Southern California and South Florida.

4. Their focus is to enhance the lives of those affected by autism, to expand the capacity to effectively serve this growing community, and to increase the field of service providers in the four main geographical chapters of Autism Speaks How is the message consumed? Foundations such as ASDF assist families in the ability to consume the message per camps, grants, and educational services. * The Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation:

1. The ASDF provides emotional, educational and financial assistance to families dealing with the challenges of raising an autistic child What will reach and teach them best?
* Educational and community programs, and hands on.
2. Social Skills Camps
3. Autism Awareness Project
4. Swim Programs
5. Horse Therapy
* Reaching the target market is essential, because it will raise knowledge about the developmental disability

1. Providing programs and education within this type of community develops stories that relate to new ways of treating autism 2. It also inspires the target market with hope for individuals and families affected by autism Build a picture of the target market- name them

* The type of individuals that fit into the Autism community could be your best friend, neighbor, teacher, boss, or even you. Remember 1 in 88 children are affected by it… INTRO HAWAR: HAWAR WILL DISCUSS “THE CAMPAIGN” OBJECTIVES, STRATEGIES,...
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