Tang and Song Dynasty

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1. How did government affect your dynastic era?
Tang Dynasty:
The administration was organized into 10 political districts called “Dao” which was then later increased to 15. In each political district there were towns, villages, and families. The official system of the Tang administration involved the central official system and local official system. The central official system followed the Sui Dynasty's (581 - 618) three departments and six ministries system. The six major ministries included personnel, finance, rites, army, justice, and public works. Each were accompanied by a Censorate, an agency that exercised surveillance over the rest of the government. They made sure that government officials stayed in line and completed their tasks. The legal system during this time period was much more detailed than anything before it, it included four basic forms criminal law, institutional regulations, administrative rules, and formulas of official documents. Finally, this dynasty was the first to set up a fairly equal testing system to select officers and allowed poor families and opportunity to become something higher through knowledge. “The Tang system of government was the model upon which all subsequent dynasties based their own systems, and it was also used by other countries and kingdoms, such as those in Vietnam and Korea. Another factor for the success of the Tang Dynasty system of government was the emphasis on education. The Tang rulers felt that a well-educated public was not a threat to authority, but rather, a foundation of a stable, prosperous society. Another feature of the Tang Dynasty government was its obsessive record keeping and accounting of many aspects of life and commerce. This naturally created deep layers of accountability and certainty, which bolstered the strength of the government and society.” Song Dynasty:

Ruled China for more than 300 years and was the era of good government. China’s bureaucracy was run by a...
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