Taming of the Shrew Analysis

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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“Taming of the (right) Shrew analysis”

The play “Taming of the Shrew” by Shakespeare, introduces several themes, among them the theme of disguise. Most of the characters are in disguise, and play a role within a role. When we first encounter with the two sisters in the play, their roles and differences seem are evident, Kate is the sharp tongued bad tempered shrew, while Bianca is initially? presented as gentile, quiet, and obedient. As the plot reveals later, the true nature of Bianca is much the opposite;, evidence for her true self is revealed throughout the play, leaving her husband and father amazed of the discovery by the end of it. At In the final act, Bianca’s refusal to heed her husband’s summons is the final proof for her disobedience;, she is no longer wearing the disguise of the obedient Bianca, and by this she demonstrates her own shrewdness. Bianca’s disguise allows her to conceal her true nature, while maintaining the status of the good daughter with all the benefits included. Being her father’s favorite, Bianca takes advantage of that position, she draws good attention by good behavior, from man and her father. , Tthrough this, to she evokes her sister's jealousy and anger “Sister, content you in my discontent.\Sir to your pleasure humbly I subscribe” Bianca emphasizes her sister’s bad language, and her own obedience, this in order to stand out as the better daughter, woman, and match for marriage (Shakespeare I.i.81-82). Bianca’s status upsets her sister Kate and evokes her jealousy, causing her to rage out at Bianca, again demonstrating her bad behavior as opposed to Bianca’s good behavior. But Bianca’s true nature begins to? is emerge ing when she is tutored by her suitors, “I’ll not be tied to hours, nor ‘pointed times\But learn my lessons as I please myself,” a clear statement of her own terms, showing disobedience, she will not be told what to do (Shakespeare, III.i.19-20). While Bianca’s true character is starting to...
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