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Topics: Marketing, Tampon, Tampax Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: January 21, 2011
Tampax, Tambrands’s only product, is the best-selling tampon in the world, with 44 percent of the global market. In the overseas market, Tambrands officials talk intensely of a huge opportunity. Only 100 million of the 1.7 billion eligible women in the world currently use tampons. Tambrands has divided the world into three clusters with cluster three being the most difficult to market tampons due to culture and religious beliefs. Therefore, Tambrands has approached Proctor and Gamble about a buyout and announced a $1.85 billion deal. This deal has put P&G back on the market for selling tampons since 1980. This was a positive step because not only does P&G get to market this product with feminine hygiene products already being sold, they are a company that has grown drastically with the production of other incontinence products such as diapers. “Becoming part of P&G—a world-class company with global marketing and distribution capabilities—will accelerate the global growth of Tampax and enable the brand to achieve its full potential. This will allow us to take the expertise we’ve gained in the feminine protection business and apply it to a new market with Tampax.” This is a statement made by the marketing analyst for Tambrands. As mentioned before, the idea was to divide the world into three clusters with the same goal in mind while marketing the product to the female public. Marketing to each cluster in a similar way is completely necessary because this brand is solely being marketed towards women who all face the same situation no matter what country you live in. Yes, some countries will need more attention than others, but the idea behind the product is still the same and addresses the same need. Because there are those countries that have religious and culture concerns, they are simply uneducated about the products and its usage. Tambrands had first decided to offer an educational program so that each young female completely understands the reasoning for this...
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