Tale of Two Cities

Topics: A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens, Miss Pross Pages: 4 (935 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Motivation: Write a paragraph describing how you view yourself, using at least 3 adjectives. Do you think other people view you in the same way? Why or why not? What might cause people to view each other in different ways?

A) Chapter 4:
1. Briefly describe Mr. Stryver. In what way is he unfair to Mr. Carton?

He is 30 years old, but looks 50. Loud, red-faced, short and stout (bulky, heavy). He is very pushy and is not well-mannered. Intrudes into others conversations. He takes full credit for Darnay’s acquittal. Doesn’t acknowledge Carton’s help.

2. What evidence is there that Carton is jealous of Charles Darnay?

When they are toasting to Lucie, Carton gets angry and bitter he is not the one she likes. He compliments Lucie by telling Darnay what a fine lady she is. Talks to himself about how he could have been like Darnay. Rant about how alike they are. Drinks as a consolation.

B) Chapter 5:
1. What is the secret to Stryver’s success as an attorney?

Carton does all the work, Stryver presents his findings. He pushes his way to the top.

2. Briefly describe how Carton looks when he is working at Stryver’s desk.

Wet cold towels on his head….so he doesn’t sweat/can stay awake…the whole time he is drinking, he is focused, doesn’t look up from the work….”intent”

3. What do we learn about Carton’s childhood? What does Carton blame for his miserable life?

He claims bad luck is responsible for his miserable life….in school, he did everyone else’s homework but not his own….he and Stryver went to school together….

4. Find a quotation in this chapter which suggests that Carton may believe in fate.

“God knows it was my way I suppose….”
“Turn me in some other direction before I go…”
“You have fallen into your rank and I have fallen into mine…”

5. How would you characterize the relationship between Stryver and Carton?

Although they are friends, Stryver has an air of superiority when he talks to Carton. Jock/Nerd type rela. More...
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