Taking a Gap Year (Opinion Article)

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Taking a gap year
You should think well before taking the gap year. It therefore depends whether the gap year would be a good thing for you or not. One of the first advantages of taking the gap year is it offers time to think carefully about your career. Besides, if you are not performing too well at school or at college, taking the gap year could be valuable as it might save you money. Gap year not only means travelling or going for vacations. It also consists of discovering different aspects of life. So, you may take the gap year to work and save some money. By doing this, you could be able to finance your education during the next step of your career. 

Another plus point of taking the gap year is that you might be able to travel to meet different people and know diverse cultures. This will help you improve as a person and as well ensure your personal development. Moreover, taking the gap year could also be a drawback. Many people who have taken the gap year may find themselves struggling to get back to their career afterwards. This is probably the most common disadvantage of taking the gap year. Assume you have started to work during your gap year, if you find yourself getting enough income, education might be something difficult to get back to. 

Furthermore, when taking the gap year, you may lose contact with important people such as your teachers. Teachers are vital in a student’s life as they continuously push him towards getting the best education and also keep progressing in his academic career. This shows that taking the gap year can be advantageous as well as disadvantageous.  It is therefore imperative to think carefully before deciding to take the gap year. 
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