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Topics: Industrial Revolution, Factory, Capitalism Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: May 7, 2013
U.S. History Take Home Quiz

1. Improved technology and increased demand produced fundamental change that contributed to the rise of “The factory”. Also another major contributor to the “Rise of the factory would be the market economy. The U.S developed a major manufacturing sector, because of that many changes came about. The south changed as well, particularly with cotton farming, thanks to textile mills.. This was such a profound thing because from all of this areas started to become isolated and reliant on themselves, which will contribute to a great divide, the Civil War.

2. Merchant capitalist were entrepreneurs who engaged primarily in foreign and domestic trade, they also invested into small-scale manufacturing ventures. Eventually thee capitalist realized there were other opportunities in profit besides trade, they later declined and “Industrial Capitalists” were born. By the 1840’s this form of capitalism spread rapidly mainly in the textile industry. This became very important and impactful it was the ruling class, they were aristocrats with a lot of influence.

3. Text Mills used two different recruitment methods. One that was used mainly in the Mid-Atlantic states , which was the act of bringing entire families from the farm to the mill. In this case parent worked beside children, many as young as four and five. The second method common in Massachusetts, was the enlisting of young woman mainly in there teens through twenties. Many of these young woman worked hard for years, saved their money and later returned home to raise a family. Others married factory workers and stayed in the industrial world but left the work of mills. This system later fell through because of decline of wages and conditions that were there from the start were no longer there, mainly because manufactures found it hard to keep up with what they started.

4. Almost all of the females at the time who joined the Lowell system seen it as a paradise...
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