Takaful Industry in Pakistan

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TAKAFUL: Objectives and Methodology

Lecture Prepared by Mr. Atiquzzafar Khan

IIIE, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan

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Insurance is an important sector for any present day modern economy. This business has attracted the attention of Shari’ah scholars since its introduction in Muslim societies. The opinions were diversified on the status of insurance business from Shari’ah point of view. After long discussions and debates a consensus emerged among the scholars that although the nature and objectives of insurance are not contradictory to Islamic principles, the present form of this business involves elements of interest, uncertainty, gambling etc. which are prohibited in Islam. Cooperative insurance was suggested as substitute for contemporary insurance. Some scholars suggested another substitute for the commercial insurance under the name of Takaful, which means ‘joint guarantee’. On the basis of this suggestion many Takaful companies have been established and running their business quite successfully in various countries such as Malaysia, Bahrain, Sudan etc. Takaful scheme is based on the elements of Tabarru’ (Donation o Gift) and Mudharabah. Use of these two elements in the business removes the forbidden elements like interest, uncertainty (gharar) and gambling from the contract. Under Takaful scheme a policy holder deposits his contribution to the company which is divided into two separate accounts. A larger portion (90 – 97%) goes to investment account and the remaining goes to a Waqf fund as donation. The Company invests the available funds in different opportunities according to Islamic principles and shares the profit with the policy holders. In case of occurrence of the event, against which insurance protection was arranged, the total amount deposited in investment account along with the profits are returned to the person. Another supplementary amount is provided from the Waqf fund according to a formula to compensate the loss. TAKAFUL: Objectives and Methodology

Atiquzzafar Khan


Insurance is the most important sector in present day modern economies after banking. In fact, banking and insurance go Hand-in-Hank and greatly complement...
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