Synthesis Oil Banana

Topics: Ester, Alcohol, Acetic acid Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Purpose of this experiment is to synthesis Banana oil by mixture of the isopentyl alcohol and acetic acid . Banana oil smells like fruit mostly it smells like banana. This reasons that this compound uses in different perfume products as well as the gums for the flavor. The reaction that takes place in this experiment is a esterification. In this experiment, the carboxyl group of the acetic acid joins with the hydroxyl group of the isopently alcohol, catalyzed by the presence of sulfuric acid, through a dehydration reaction, in which water is removed. This allows for an ester bond to form in the second carbon of the isopentyl acetate (banana oil). Esterification of the acetic acid with isopentyl alcohol is the reaction, which prepared the banana oil . The ultimate goal of this experiment to synthesize the artificial flavoring This experiment will performed into several important steps such as simple distillation, liquid/ liquid extraction and heating reflux. The extraction is one of the methods that is using in this experiment to remove excess of acetic acid and the isopentyl by using the reagent sodium bicarbonate and water . simple distillation is another method which will collects the sample as banana oil as the mixture will enter to gas phase. The solution has to be fairly pure to start with and if not, it can only contain compounds that have boiling points that are much different than the compound we are trying to isolate. Since the distillation is done at the end, after we separate the isopentyl acetate from the aqueous layer through the use of a separatory funnel and the extraction of the banana oil itself by adding in sodium carbonate, saturated sodium chloride and anhydrous magnesium sulfate to get as much of the remaining hydrophilic substances as we can, we can say that a simple distillation procedure is fit for carrying out this experiment. Also, while the solution is being vaporized and cooled it is being refluxed. This “allows for an...
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