Symptom, Problem and Problem-Solving Processes

Topics: Flowchart, Process capability, Diagram Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: November 23, 2012
Discuss the difference between a symptom and a problem.
* A symptom is the effect caused by the problem while the problem is the reason causing the symptom. Problem is used with the intention of finding solution to it while symptom assists to recognize the problem. Would you classify excessive employee absenteeism as a symptom or a problem? Discuss. * I think absenteeism is a problem because it can be caused by some reasons. And those reasons are the symptom. For example, an employee is absent because he is sick. The problem is that he is absent and the reason is because of the symptom which is he is sick. Discuss the three types of errors that can occur during the problem-solving process. * Type I error involves solving a problem that does not exist. * Type II error is failing to recognize why the problem exists. * Type III error occurs when the wrong problem is solved. Discuss the proactive approach to mess finding.

* It is recognizing a problem through the observation of one or more symptoms. It is often begin undertaking an investigation. List the steps in the problem-solving process.
* Symptom recognition/ mess finding
* Fact finding/ deviation
* Problem identification/ test for cause
* Establish objectives
* Generate alternatives
* Solution development
* Plan implementation
* Set controls/ follow up
What are the main purposes of a flow chart? Why might creating flow charts of the major processes for which you are responsible be a good idea when you start a new job? * To define and understand better a process. It facilitate an analysis of the steps in a process to determine the relationships between the steps. It also facilitates the process of continuos improvement. Because it can help for the better understanding of the processes and it will illustrate how the process works. Compare the use of check sheets and pareto diagrams. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each under which...
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